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Meet Brian Cockrell, founder and principal designer at Greyscape Studio.

Brian graduated from SDSU with a degree in Graphic Design. For a period after that he did freelance design work, but sitting behind a computer all day never quite made him feel artistically fulfilled. Then, he discovered concrete.  With its versatility, refined surface, unique appearance, and endless creative opportunity, it really captured his attention in a way that no other medium ever had before.  It can be massive, yet graceful, industrial, yet warm and natural. He had finally found his calling.

Design Philosophy

I find that I draw heavily from the design principles of Wabi-sabi, which celebrate asymmetry, asperity, simplicity, modesty, and appreciation for the integrity of natural objects and processes. I am fascinated by objects that reveal themselves through their imperfections. Typically concrete is a banal building material that is cold, hard, and unyielding. I have found that by manipulating it’s form, I can soften the hardness introduce a sense of humanity. I love how it can contrast it’s smooth hard character with the earthy textures of nature, or the stark coldness of steel, to create visual interest.
Concrete derives its character from how it flows through, and cures in its mold. It's these unforeseen results of the artistic process that intrigue to me, and when I am about to remove a freshly cast piece from its mold I feel a sense of anticipation. How will the mottling turn out? What will the character of this piece be? It’s this character that differentiates concrete from so many other materials that simply produce a uniform appearance. In this way perhaps, concrete might transcend its
status as inert building material . . . a side walk . . . a wall . . . to become an object of beauty and attention . . . the centerpiece of a room.